Tim Robbins teamed up with his filmmaker son, Jack Henry Robbins, for a mockumentary series that skewers EDM culture and the genre’s DJs.

Ultimate Ultimate, executive produced by the actor, premiered as a five-part series on Funny or Die, with each chapter making fun of another facet of EDM. One episode revolves around DJ Sparkle, a preteen girl who somehow draws a huge following in the EDM scene.

The mockumentary follows three up-and-comers, including a pair of frat bros and a middle-aged high school history teacher, as they attempt to become the “World DJ Champion.”

In an interview with Thump, the Robbins explained the inspiration behind the project. “I have no objection to people using electronic sounds in music at all. But I’m with Jack. I think people who are just button-pushers are ripe for satire,” Tim Robbins explained. “Because it is just pushing a button! And it’s ok if that makes people dance, but when you take yourself incredibly seriously as an artist when that is all you do, then I think you need to be satirized.”

The older Robbins is no stranger to mockumentaries as he wrote, directed and starred in the 1992 political satire Bob Roberts.